Rachel M Scott
Stipple Illustrator and bespoke framer
Rachel M Scott, Stipple Illustrator

Hi, welcome to my website!  Thank you for popping by.

Stippling, 'the art of dots', is something I stumbled across by accident whilst making a birthday card for a friend at my kitchen table.  I found the process incredibly relaxing and absorbing and it has all grown from there.  Over the past couple of years I've been able to create illustrations of things I love; mostly nature related.  Living in beautiful Teesdale we are spoilt with a stunning landscape and all creatures great and small.

I've always loved art and I find stippling has a meditative quality.  I can lose hours on a piece, especially when I'm parked up in my little camper van with the kettle on in beautiful surroundings.

In recent years I have learnt how to frame my own prints.  I find it immensely satisfying being fully involved in the whole process from the initial concept of the illustration right through to hanging a finished piece on the wall.

I want to be as environmentally friendly as possible which means, amongst other things, you'll see I use biodegradable wrappers for my cards, prints and notelets.  

My background is varied but has mainly involved working in the tourism industry with random escapades to working on a sheep farm in the Falklands, property renovation and building schools in remote Tanzania.  I'm happy to be on my stippling path and look forward to seeing where the journey takes me, dot dot dot...